The Digest

Please Note: The Digest is not being updated for 2017-2018.  The most recent data and information is for 2016-2017.

Over the past twenty years, the landscape of gambling across Canada has changed and matured considerably. The concept of “responsible gambling” has taken a firm hold throughout the industry.   It is better understood, and commonly advocated, as a way to find the right balance between entertainment, revenue, and the socially responsible offering of a product that—when not used appropriately—carries some risk of harm. The Partnership and each of its members have been proud to be a part of that evolution in Canadian gaming. An evolution of partnership, sharing, joint commitment, and action. An evolution that has positioned Canada among the leaders internationally for research, programs, and practices that promote responsible gambling, and in so doing reduce the risk of problem gambling.

As part of its ongoing commitment, the CPRG is pleased to introduce the expanded Digest, an easily-accessible and searchable report (download the 'How-to Guide') that assembles and summarizes a) accurate statistics about regulated gaming activities across Canada, 2) legislation and its associated regulations and policies, and 3) community initiatives with an emphasis on responsible gambling programs and practices. The purpose of The Digest is to provide a single, consolidated source of factual information about gambling and responsible gambling in Canada that continues to be open and transparent. 

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