History of the Partnership

In June 2001, the Responsible Gambling Council (RGC) sponsored a national forum that brought together a group of Canadians to identify issues and actions to further the aims of reponsible gambling in Canada.

As a result of that meeting and under the leadership of the RGC, a diverse group of representatives from several provinces established a founding steering committee and have pursued the creation of a national member-driven initiative to provide services to members in support of responsible gambling research, education and policy development.

The steering committee has translated this vision into a formal initiative – the Canadian Partnership for Responsible Gambling.

Purpose Statement

The Canadian Partnership for Responsible Gambling is a collaboration of non-profit organizations, gaming providers, research centres and regulators working to find and promote effective ways to reduce the risk of problem gambling.

Responsible Gambling Definition - Working copy

Micro: Responsible gambling is behaviour whereby the gambler: views gambling as entertainment with associated costs; sets a limit for the time and money spent and sticks to it; and recognizes that uncontrolled gambling can create problems for themselves, for others in their social network, and the community.

Macro: Responsible Gambling occurs through the collective actions and shared responsibility among a number of stakeholders, including government, gaming operators, regulators, treatment providers, community groups and individual gamblers.

To the Partnership: For the Partnership, responsible gambling means seeking and implementing practices to reduce the risks of problem gambling.

Statement of Intent

The Canadian Partnership for Responsible Gambling actively promotes and supports research to increase understanding of responsible gambling behaviour. Many of the Canadian partners have established provincial research centres, institutes and other vehicles to fund research intended to describe, explain, predict and control problem gambling behaviour. Research aimed at controlling problem gambling behaviour focuses on prevention and treatment efforts and these include examining the effectiveness of responsible gambling initiatives designed to mitigate problem gambling.