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Professional Development Overview

The Partnership creates and offers two different learning opportunities for their member representatives as well as member organizations. Operating on a two-year cycle, the members plan and produce a Symposium and a Think Tank on alternating years. 


The Symposium is a one-and-a-half to two-and-a-half day event that is structured around a particular issue or topic of interest. Its format allows for intimate, deep dive discussions and member organizations are permitted to send up to three staff members to participate in the sessions. Outside organizations are invited to attend on a cost-recovery basis. A plenary report that captures the value of the Symposium presentations and discussions are shared with all participants and posted on the website.

Think Tanks

The Think Tank is a member organization event with the goal of providing value through specific focused content and a format that allows for discussion and networking. Featuring a flexible format, it could showcase an in-depth presentation and discussion on member activity, actions taken to operationalize learnings from previous Symposiums, dedicated time with a recognized external expert, a field trip / site visit or a meaningful debrief on issues or questions arising from a Symposium plenary report.